Dust Suppression and How it Works

During the process of construction demolition, mining, waste recycling and other dust generating projects that are executed outdoors, the mess caused can be significant. One of the more concerning effects is the generation of dust.

The dust particles from woods, metal, waste and concrete materials are often toxic, carcinogenic and generally not good for humans, or the environment.

We take a look at the importance of dust suppression, what it is, how it works and why you need to have a dust control plan in place before undertaking any projects where dust is likely to be an issue.

Why Dust Suppression is Important

When working in industries such as construction, waste recycling and mining, dust suppression and control is an important part of the process. It is even more paramount during the warmer, drier months when dust is much more prevalent, largely due to dry, hot conditions and an absence of rain. The dust particles become airborne and are further aggravated by the operation of heavy machinery and vehicles on a site.

Dust inhalation can pose a threat to not only the workers but also those living nearby. It can cause lung disease and disability, and even fatalities. It also poses a huge threat to local wildlife – especially if the dust particles gets into local waterways. The particles from silica and wood dust for example, can lead to life altering lung disease. In order to reduce the carbon footprint of a business, consider the impact on the environment and prioritise the health and safety of the workers, dust control is paramount.

As well as general construction, dust is created in the execution of many construction tasks such as cutting wood, metal and gypsum or mining steel and other materials. Inhalation of these particles is the biggest concern for any company.

Health and Safety

Construction companies, like so many other industries, must adhere to strict regulations such as COSHH Regulations 2002. Health and safety is a priority for not only those that are working on the site but members of the public and those that live nearby.

Therefore, a dust control plan must be part of the initial site planning.  In fact, it’s not only construction companies that need to consider a dust suppression plan, dust control is also critical when used in other industries such as:

  • Stone and mineral mining
  • Demolition
  • Scrap metal recycling
  • Waste recycling
  • Wood recycling

The Dust Suppression Process

When it comes to effective dust suppression, it’s not just a case of washing down the area with a hose. Not only does that use an incredible amount of water, it is also not effective.

The issue starts before the dust falls so it is important to have a system in place that combats the dust while it is airborne. It is important that the airborne dust particles are captured using water droplets that are the same size as the dust particle. If the water droplets are too big/small, they will pass over or through the dust particle.

A fire hose for example will just waste water, flood the area and won’t do the job required. The water needs to be atomised to the correct size for the job at hand using specialist equipment that is designed for the job.

Different Types of Dust Control

Water Suppression is the preferred choice when it comes to dust control. It controls not only the dust generated but also the odour that is given off in the creation of the dust.

Of course, you need to be measured with the amount of water you use to suppress the dust – too much volume and you end up flooding your site. Instead, a tailored solution such as misting is designed to reduce the volume of water used making far less mess in the process. It is a much more effective solution using far less water.

The different types of machinery available includes:

  • Fogging hose lines – water fog is used for fine dust suppression and odour control on waste recycling, ballast and treatment works
  • Water misting – for medium to heavy duty dust – can be used as mobile or static units
  • Fan assisted misting – offers better access than hoses – throw the mist to suppress dust and odours
  • Jet misting – pressurised jet which atomised the water to catch airborne dust particles. It is a simple and effective system and so easy to operate

Each of these dust suppression systems is tailored to the job it is designed for and there is more than one way to combat the dust and odour created. We have various systems designed to suit each of the above. They are:


Jetmister Road Tow Bowser system

The JetMister

The revolutionary JetMister will solve most construction and demolition site dust issued. Designed to control dust issues with just the right amount of water to avoid unnecessary flooding while saving water.

With a foldable mast it is easy to transport and store. Available as a mobile trolley, road tow bowser or tower, there is a solution of all requirements.

Cannonmister Products Image


Available as a mobile trolley or a road tow bowser, the CannonMister can be used with a bowser or from the mains supply. It can be positioned in the most difficult locations to suppress airborne dust particles via an electric powered fan which blows fine water droplets through the special misting nozzles. This system is perfect for small demolition projects, waste recycling sites, environmental remediation and more!

Multimister Products Image


With its 100l tank, the MultiMister mobile unit is on a heavy-duty wheeled frame with inlet float level control and drain valve. Designed to suppress airborne dust particles with high-pressure water misting, the fine water droplets are created through the special misting nozzles. Access to dusty areas can be gained via an adjustable height mast or with a misting nozzle hose line which can be positioned at the source.

Our team would be happy to have an initial consultation to go through the details of your project and advise on which best meets your requirements.

Odour Control

As well as suppressing the dust, suppression systems are also designed to control the strong odours that are emitted. These can be powerful odours especially when they are a by-product of waste, construction, mining and metal work. While the dust can be harmful to health, the smells given off can be offensive to your workforce and the public, passers-by and neighbours.

This can quickly lead to tension and issues that can’t be easily dissolved, especially when these odours are a regular occurrence.

Systems such as the JetMister, the CannonMister and the MultiMister are specifically designed to deal with dust suppression and odour control and each one being designed for a specific purpose.

Experts in the Field of Dust Suppression

At Dustquip, we have over 20 years’ experience in the field of dust suppression, designing, manufacturing and supplying mobile dust compression units designed to combat dust in any of the aforementioned industries.

Our team of experts know which equipment is required for which type of job and can advise on exactly what you need to get the job done.

With our specialist knowledge and friendly attitude, we are on hand to answer any questions, tailor make your solution and support you through your project.

Equipment Rental

Dustquip realise that this equipment is not only highly specialist but often seasonal equipment, required more so during the summer months when the weather is warmer and drier so. To this end, we offer a range of dust suppression equipment cross or direct hire aimed at helping business to meet the requirements of  environmental agencies and to keep your people safe from respiratory dangers.

Our list of clientele covers many different types of business across a range of sectors of the construction, recycling and mining business with excellent feedback and customer satisfaction. You will benefit not only from our initial advice, but also from our after sales support. And it doesn’t just end there. We are constantly evaluating what we do, the services that we offer, our product range and adapting to market trends.

We are confident when we say that our dust suppression equipment really is best in class.

To discover how you can put the planet above profit and reduce your carbon footprint while looking after the interests of the people and wildlife around you, get in touch with one of our team. They are all highly skilled and trained in the field of dust suppression and odour control and discuss your specific business requirements with you.