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Road Tow Mist Cannons

The CannonMister Road Tow bowser is an answer to environmental dust and odour hazards in remote locations.

The CannonMister Road Tow Bowser will suppress airborne dust particles with an electric-powered high-pressure fan throwing fine water droplets. The machine creates the mist using our special misting nozzles.

The cannon bowser has an onboard 4Kva generator, a high-pressure water pump, optional automatic neutraliser/chemical dosing system & fully UK road legal chassis trailer

The cannon mister only discharges 2 litres per minute, saving water, money and reducing flooding on site.

1000 litres of onboard water storage, long run time generator fuel tank ensures a full continuous 8-hour shift run time

Ideal for fine dust, odour control and disinfectant misting.

Typical applications include composting sites, waste screening operations, land remediation, odour control & event cooling

Our proven system consists of binding the airborne dust particles with fine water droplets, this helps them fall to the ground by gravity. The fan duct can be tilted, directing the mist plume either horizontal to attack the dust head-on or over the dust in its 45° position

CannonMister Road Tow Bowser
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CMRT10-2 CMRT10-6
Power 110v / 50Hz
110v / 50Hz
Current 18a 18a
Power Connection 32a Commando 32a Commando
Generator 4Kva 4Kva
3020 x 1870 x 1730mm
118 x 73 x 68"
3020 x 1870 x 1730mm
118 x 73 x 68"
Number of Nozzls 4 12
Fan Motor 0.75Kw 0.75Kw
Pump Motor 0.75Kw 0.75Kw
Vertical Tilt Angle -20° to +45° -20° to +45°
Oscillation Manual 300° Manual 300°
Water Supply Connection 1/2" hose tail 1/2" hose tail
Mist Distance (No Wind) 10-15m / 32-48ft 10-15m / 32-48ft
Surface Coverage 50-60m² / 500-600ft² 50-60m² / 500-600ft²
Water Consumption 2L/min / 0.4 gpm 6L/min / 1.7 gpm
Applications Fine dust & odour suppression, insect & germ control Fine dust & odour suppression, insect & germ control
Average Water Droplet Size 45µm 85µm
Required Water quality Filtered / Potable Filtered / Potable
Operating Temperature +2°C to +50°C +2°C to +50°C

Product Specification Sheet 

Special Voltages, hose length and nozzle spacing available - Contact Us