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Water Mist Cannons

Fan assisted water misting

Water Fogging & Misting Hose Lines

Modular dust suppression systems

Jet Mist Suppression

The revolutionary JetMister


Dustquip, we are a UK manufacturer and distributor of dust suppression equipment.

We help you conform to health and safety standards with the control of airborne dust.

Whether it's mobile or static applications, Dustquip will ensure dust and odour free environments with our water dust and odour suppression machines.

We believe that a healthy and dust-free work site pays back. We’re right by your side when you’re ready to invest in this most critical area.

We believe our environment and our health is a gift, we need to look after them for now and the future.

With our ISO 9001 quality standards accreditation, in-house design and manufacturing, we can adapt to market trends.